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Cellbell Experience

Sikh Warrior

Gagandeep singh

"When I will sit on long gaming hours, the lumbar support is going to give a good support to my back."

Sharkshe Plays

Shakshi Shetty

"It has all the qualities which a proper gaming chair should have, definitely it’s a good investment and I would highly recommend this to all."


Sarthak Sharma

"The metal used in the chair makes it more durable for long time, the chair is totally comfortable but the neckrest and lumbar support (Cushions) just enhance the comfortness of the chair."

Play Like Incognito

Sonali Singh

"If someone do gaming for long hours it’s a perfect choice as it gives sporty feels and has a classy aesthetic."

The Indian Budget Gamer

Abdul Rashid

"My day starts with this chair and ends with this only, I spend most of the time doing gaming, editing and other Computing stuffs. Look wise it seems a gaming chair but the comfort level is comprehenive."

Natasha Gaming


"Because of its metal base the chair becomes more sustainable, the seat has good amount of coverage and like other chair it doesnt make a squaky noise. Also the armrest adjustments are conmfortable the space between them is also good enough to be at comfort. "

Techie Tweaks

Harpreet Singh

"Recently I upgraded to this CELLBELL chair and Oh god I have to say that this chair is just awesome, literally you can take a nap on this chair, I mean just look at the chair you will see and feel like sitting on it."

Saloni Srivastava

Saloni Srivastava

"Whenever I sit for work I make sure that I sit on comfortable chair, this chair from CELLBELL.in is super super comfortable. Also I enjoyed the Purchase as the delivery was quick and the product is also quite affordable.."

HFV Unboxing


"I personally found this chair so adjustable because of the hydraulic and the bend feature of the chair makes it so comfortable and the backrest supoorts the backbonbe and I am going to use this while editing my stuffs also."

Creation To Inspire

Ayushi Singh

"The Beiege color of the chair goes with my interior, honestly reviwing that you should really go for these kind of chair."

Vimal Chintapatla

Vimal Chintapatla

"The cellbell's transformer series GC01 is a racing inspired gaming chair and looks quite attractive specially because of the color. The whole cushioning of chair is covered with leather like leather PU material. The wheelbase has solid feel as it is completely made up of metal, also it has a complete sporty feel with the CELLBELL logo at the top."

Being Sardar

Harsh Jagraon

"I have used many gaming chair previously but this is soemthing else, the leather quality used is so premium and unlike other gaming chairs you can sit here for straight 8 hours and the comfort level provided is seriously the best one I've experienced."


Abhishek singh

"It is the most amazing and comfortable chair, specially preferable for long gaming hours, and if you will bend on this you will feel like paradise…."

Gogi Tech


"The quality of chair considering the leather and comfort according to price is really the best. Compare to my previous chair this chair has given me the best experience. I mean its clearly visible what relief it is going to give."


Arsh kharoud

"The metal used in the chair makes it more durable for long time, the chair is totally comfortable but the neckrest and lumbar support (Cushions) just enhance the comfortness of the chair."

Cellbell Gaming Chairs Are Built For The Best.

Throughout the past fifteen years, the Esports community has been strengthened by providing influencers with a platform to engage in and promote gaming. Gaming is one of the popular niches as the gaming industry is growing day-by-day. In India, the gaming influencers are experts in their field and know their games.

Ever since YouTube Gaming got rolled out in India, the Indian game-streamer scene catapulted to great heights, giving us some of the most talented and interesting game streamers not just across the nation, but our entire planet. Some started on their PC, some started on their phones and today, these streamers have managed to garner millions of subscribers and viewers with their hardwork and dedication.

“Gamers always think that an epic win is possible and that it’s always worth trying.”
As one of the famous gamers in India the Total Gaming Youtube Channel is owned by Ajay or Ajjubhai and it is the biggest gaming YouTube channel in India with 28.2 million subscribers.What’s surprising is that he chooses to remain anonymous online, and even today hasn’t revealed his face to his viewers. His games of choice include Garena FreeFire, Minecraft and GTA V to name a few. He started the channel nearly three years ago and today, he enjoys average views of 1.8 million.

One of them is Techno Gamerz, led by Ujjwal Chaurasia, it is surprising that he is only 18 years old now with a subscriber base of 20.8 million. Known for his game streaming for games like GTA V, Minecraft, Ranch Simulator as well as online competitive titles like PUBG Mobile and Garena FreeFire. The 18-year old’s channel enjoys an average viewership of 6.8 million.
And, A_S Gaming, hosted by Sahil Rana is third on this list, and enjoys a subscriber base of 14.2 million. He is mostly seen playing the popular battle royale game Garena FreeFire. Today, he enjoys over 2.4 million views on average.
Cellbell gaming chairs are here to satisfy the urge of the gamers. Our wellness resource for players who want to play healthier. The gaming chairs are helping the gamers to be better than yesterday. As a cellbell, we want to see a better tomorrow with you all.

Cellbell gaming chairs are superior to standard gaming chairs in both comfort and durability which is designed to fit every gamer. Cellbell gaming chairs will provide support whenever you have to be at the desk for a long period of time.

To achieve a perfect gaming experience the Cellbell gaming chairs focus on support that minimizes fatigue and maintains posture. If you need to get stuff done our gaming chairs can work as both work-from-home chair and gaming chair as well.

The Cellbell comes with a highly ergonomic headrest, backrest, and armrest, which ensures for longer peak performance. It ensures minimizing strains from improper posture, maximum responsiveness as your arm position should be ideal to access mouse and keyboard and by keeping your back comfortable.The cellbell gaming chairs have found a place for countless amazing gamers and it’s popularity shows no sign of stopping.

The Cellbell gaming chairs are designed to provide a high level of comfort with beautiful design and colour for it’s user. It is definitely an ideal choice for both office and gaming needs. The gaming chairs are comfortable for studying too as it allows you to adjust that chair’s position accordingly for reading or writing.

The Cellbell gaming chairs have some uniquely created features such as, Free delivery Pan India, 6 months extended warranty, Assured quality no cost EMI and Assembly within 48 hours.

To buy and experience the best gaming chairs, you don’t need to visit a store or ask where you can buy the best gaming chair- As we are India’s premier online gaming brand, We’re everywhere.

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