Hi Dear,

Good to see you reading this.

Let me give you some background, at one evening in month of October we were thinking to get someone to do our product instructions videos so that our online customers can be comfortable in using our products without any external help of local shops or anything.

On the same evening, we got a new customer review on one of our product listed on amazon(http://goo.gl/ImOnir) along with video review also.

Cellbell Review

Wooahh! That’s amazing. (that was our reaction)

Then we realized that whatever we are doing to create Cellbell as a Brand is actually liked by new customers also who come to know about our products for the first time via Amazon and some other sites.

Now let’s cut crap and you can enjoy this below video by our customer “Hitesh Singh” who also did some cool graphics work in the same video.

Hopefully, you enjoyed watching this.

In case you got any feedback about this, please do let us know because we really like to talk with new people.