Hi Dear,

Good to see you reading this!

A Very Happy & Safe Diwali to you and your family.

Its very first Diwali of our Cellbell Team and we really wanted to make it special for our family members
i.e our Customers.

We know in this booming time of ecommerce, every other online store offer Big discounts to lure customers.
But as you may know, Discounts don’t create Loyalty. Its the Customer Experience which does.

“Company can only exist, until its customers want it to exist”.

As each Human Being like to get surprises on festivals.
So we given some of our customers a surprise of: Free Product of their choice on this Diwali.
As very few know this confidential detail like we serve 10,000 + orders per month and from those orders so far we had around 70+ customers who were dissatisfied with their purchase.

On this Diwali, we mailed them personally to give them a Diwali Gift of: Free Replacement .
Here is the mail which we sent:

Cellbell Mail Diwali


Now here is one of those responses that we received from our customers:

customer response diwali


Along with this, even though we mailed only to 70+ customers but we are receiving other customers orders too who liked what they saw on cellbell.wpengine.com and so far in a day we are 100+ orders here.

Really Happy to see.