Hi Dear,

Good to see you here!

Today, we have proved to ourselves:

“When you Enjoy your work then even your customers enjoy interacting with you”.

Recently, we started giving customer service over whatsapp by mentioning our whatsapp number: 8600366600 over each product package which hardly anyone tries, as most brands are afraid to face many customer queries and complaints over their personal numbers. But this overwhelming response hardly ever happens for most brands. Because in real life also, no one comes to you when you are afraid to even face them and have a little chat with them.Same works in digital interactions also.

That’s why we are currently in advantage, because we know this whatsapp support may get hectic with the time when more customers ask us more stuff over this channel, but those are “Good to have” kind of problems.

As Interacting with customer should be a fun experience for both the customer and our Support friend who is helping us in retaining customers with us. so we thought “Why not take this to next level?” by using this whatsapp support.

We are really glad that even our customers are enjoying interacting with our Support friends.

Hence, we will continue to entice our current and as well as our future customers who are yet to meet us!


Here is the glimpse of our personalized Customer Service over Whatsapp Web:

cellbell whatsapp

Whatsapp father feedback



Have a Nice Life! and thanks for reading our day-to-day life on Cellbell.