Hi Dear,

Thanks for having a look at the Cellbell customer care timings, which says much about when our Cellbell guys can respond you conveniently (without any inhuman torture like usual customer care guys had to go through at many other places).

Here are Timings for each Support channel that you can use (please use one at a time for easier tracking and faster response):

12 pm – 7pm:- Twitter Channel (@cellbelldesk: https://twitter.com/cellbelldesk).

12 pm – 8pm – Email Channel.

–for Returns / Replacement claims: https://cellbell.wpengine.com/claim-replacement/

–for getting a Call from us: https://cellbell.wpengine.com/support/

–for Reseller Inquiries:  https://cellbell.wpengine.com/sell-original/

–for youtube contest: https://cellbell.wpengine.com/shoot-a-gift/

–for anything else: https://cellbell.wpengine.com/contact/

3 pm – 7pm:- Live-Chat (Bottom-right tab on Cellbell.in).

5 pm – 7pm:- Whatsapp Support (8600366600).

12pm – 7 pm:- Inbound Calls.

12 pm – 7pm:- Outbound Calls.


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