About CellBell

How it All-Started?

Firstly, let me Ask you, Were you really satisfied with the mobile accessory that you ordered last time from online store.
If No?, then you might have realized that more than the product the customer service of store upsets you.

Because there are very rare stores which really cares for customers after their purchase.

Fortunately, we are also one from those stores who have mind share of many customers who loved our service more than our products.

That’s why those customers also help us in creating better products than what we delivered a month back.

Initial Days:

Cellbell was first started as experimental store over Instagram profile in 2014 , in which we usually published our initial mobile accessories pictures and our customers had the convenience of placing their orders over Whatsapp.
Our profile got us popularity as well as copycats among local mobile stores, within 2 months from our start, because customers were comparing our pricing with those local stores.
Like this, we also delivered customer orders door-to-door by ourselves in first few months, in order to learn about why initial customer chose us.

When we learnt more about our customers, we decided to Launch our this online store, in order to deliver on our customer expectations such as:
-Reasonable priced products.
-Backed with Unmatched customer service.
-High Quality products under customers budget range, not like elite brands offering same quality at sky rocket prices.
-Convenience of getting products at home.

This is what made us to start Cellbell store because our customers wanted to see more of our catalog, than just limited pics over instagram.

It would be nice to get your messages with Good wishes, so that we keep delivering what our customer want from us.

Current Update:

Update on 10/11/2016:  CELLBELL Team Personalities showcase,here are the core personalities, with whom you may need to interact depending on your needs that cellbell can satisfy.


Automation Lead & Co-founder

Usually he helps in saving time of each team by solving bugs and implementing automation code


Sourcing Lead & Co-founder

Usually he helps in arranging whatever cellbell products you see on site


Operations Lead

Usually he helps in fulfilling your demand on time and managing restock levels


Support Lead

Usually he helps in satisfying customer needs, issues, corrections in order to preserve smile on customers face



Old Updates:

Update on 05/09/2016:  Cellbell Product seller (Bagtag) become the Top 50 seller over Amazon.in with the continuous support from Cellbell team in regards to centralized customer service and Co-product development as per customer feedbacks that bagtag received so far.

Update on 23/05/2016: Cellbell Products Launched in USA Market via Amazon.com Invite for Popular Indian Brands.

Update on 01/08/2015: Cellbell Products Launched in India over popular online marketplaces such as flipkart.com, paytm.com and shopclues.com.

Update on 01/07/2015: Cellbell Launched its own renewed site Cellbell.in for easy shopping with last-mile delivery to any Indian Location pincode.

Update on 24/03/2015: Cellbell Products Launched in India Online Market via Amazon.in.

Update on 10/02/2015: Cellbell Products Launched in India over popular online marketplace Snapdeal.com.

Update on 05/09/2014: Cellbell Products Launched over Instagram Profile(cell_bell) allowing local and national customers to shop via whatsapp texts.

Update on 10/11/2012: Cellbell Products Launched in Offline market for supplying In-demand mobile accessories to local and nearby town mobile stores.

Update on 06/05/2012: Cellbell was conceptualized from an Idea from their founders discussion who were looking to start something of their own.

—-It is just the Beginning… —-