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Be part of the exclusive Cellbell Affiliate Program and start making extra income while doing what you love. Our affiliate program is the best in its class. Being a Direct-to-Consumer brand, we’re able to tailor our program to suit our products and to benefit our affiliate partners.

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How it works?

Regular Income, very little efforts?

If you want regular income; and that too without a lot of work, Cellbell Affiliate program is the perfect opportunity because we treat our affiliates as our In-house member by taking care of their expectations.


Think about it…

If you built your own furniture store / electronics business, you’d have to worry about sourcing, technology, product-market fit, Storage, Logistics, sales, Returns, customer support,salaries, regular product upgrades and so on. There are so many moving parts… And after all that, what’s the final profit you’d be left with?

Very little right?

On the other hand, at a minimum if you leverage your Influence, and just get 50 clicks on your link at the start and suppose 30 become new customers on Cellbell, then you will generate a revenue of Rs.4590 in your first month, and within twelve months at a growth rate of 25%, you will be be moving on upside by generating commission income of Rs.2.5 Lakhs for the first year. Along with this, you will be promoted to next rank for additional benefits. 
From these numbers, you might say that’s rarely a possibility right?. So we suggest why don’t give a try to our Annual Income Calculator? to clear your doubts.

That’s what the above graph shows!

And if you get 500 clicks in your first month promotion, you could get a huge head start of nearly Rs.45000 in commissions of first month!

use in office C52 red black

5% Commission

High-Back Chairs
Mid-Back Chair

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power bank

10% Commission

Power Accessories:
Power Bank
Car Chargers
OTG Adapters
Data Cables

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Affiliate Home 4

10% Commission

Tablet Accessories:

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oneplus 6t

10% Commission


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Details about Payments and Cookie Age

For more details about payment terms, time, cookie age, attribution of sale, payment mode and more details are available inside FAQS when you get approved under this affiliate program.

To Assure you, we have shortest payment cycle faster than any affiliate network, and also large duration of cookie age to allow you to capture your audience and commission on their purchases.

Why we didn’t kept it open? because we think such details matter when you actually want to be part of this program and you actually signup for it without much thought as its free and you got nothing to lose, instead you got more opportunities to earn sustainable income directly into your bank.

Ranks come with Add-on Benefits!

When we say that we treat our affiliates like our In-house members, we actually mean it.

To take care of their expectations and growth, we have a set of defined ranks and their corresponding benefits.

When you actually earn any rank as per your performance in our program, then one of our Internal Affiliate manager will connect you to reveal its details.

For the time being, we chose not to reveal any ranks, benefits and criteria to achieve them, because we are not looking to create a scene of competition among our affiliates and with other brands who try to just copy our looks, not efforts.
We think: Competition is Good, but not so good to do in Family!
You are our family and we like to ensure that we meet our family expectations.

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