Introducing DC Superhero Gaming Chairs First Time in India

by Campaign marketing on Jan 24, 2022

Gaming Chairs - CellBell
Gamers worth their salt take their gaming merchandise very seriously. After all, presentation is as important as skill in the world of gaming. Fans of the DC Universe – the fictional shared universe where most stories in comic book titles published by DC Comics take place – can now buy exclusive DC superhero Gaming Chairs in India.

As one of only four official licensees of DC superhero gaming chairs in the world, and the first and only one in India, Mumbai-based Cellbell launched its exclusive line in January 2022. The chairs are currently available in three varieties – Batman, Flash and Superman – and will soon be available in others too.

“Currently, the market only offers generic gaming chairs that are prone to easy duplication with sub-standard quality. Our rising e-sports players deserve access to better quality chairs at the best possible price. Through our research, we found that on an international e-sports level, only two to three brands deal in premium superhero gaming chairs. This encouraged us to redesign gaming chairs for Indian e-sport players with exclusive creatives of Batman, Superman, Flash and other Justice League characters,” say Pawan and Chirag Demla, Co-founders of Cellbell, as they join YSWeekender for a chat

“Camouflage design chairs are especially rare around the world and no Batman camouflage chairs have ever been made. We made these unique and trendy designs so we could become the premier Indian brand in the e-sports domain,” they add.

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