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Throughout the past fifteen years, the Esports community has been strengthened by providing influencers with a platform to engage in and promote gaming. Gaming is one of the popular niches as the gaming industry is growing day-by-day. In India, the gaming influencers are experts in their field and know their games.

Ever since YouTube Gaming got rolled out in India, the Indian game-streamer scene catapulted to great heights, giving us some of the most talented and interesting game streamers not just across the nation, but our entire planet. Some started on their PC, some started on their phones and today, these streamers have managed to garner millions of subscribers and viewers with their hardwork and dedication.
“Gamers always think that an epic win is possible and that it’s always worth trying.”
As one of the famous gamers in India the Total Gaming Youtube Channel is owned by Ajay or Ajjubhai and it is the biggest gaming YouTube channel in India with 28.2 million subscribers.What’s surprising is that he chooses to remain anonymous online, and even today hasn’t revealed his face to his viewers. His games of choice include Garena FreeFire, Minecraft and GTA V to name a few. He started the channel nearly three years ago and today, he enjoys average views of 1.8 million.

One of them is Techno Gamerz, led by Ujjwal Chaurasia, it is surprising that he is only 18 years old now with a subscriber base of 20.8 million. Known for his game streaming for games like GTA V, Minecraft, Ranch Simulator as well as online competitive titles like PUBG Mobile and Garena FreeFire. The 18-year old’s channel enjoys an average viewership of 6.8 million.
And, A_S Gaming, hosted by Sahil Rana is third on this list, and enjoys a subscriber base of 14.2 million. He is mostly seen playing the popular battle royale game Garena FreeFire. Today, he enjoys over 2.4 million views on average.
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The Cellbell comes with a highly ergonomic headrest, backrest, and armrest, which ensures for longer peak performance. It ensures minimizing strains from improper posture, maximum responsiveness as your arm position should be ideal to access mouse and keyboard and by keeping your back comfortable.The cellbell gaming chairs have found a place for countless amazing gamers and it’s popularity shows no sign of stopping.

The Cellbell gaming chairs are designed to provide a high level of comfort with beautiful design and colour for it’s user. It is definitely an ideal choice for both office and gaming needs. The gaming chairs are comfortable for studying too as it allows you to adjust that chair’s position accordingly for reading or writing.

The Cellbell gaming chairs have some uniquely created features such as, Free delivery Pan India, 6 months extended warranty, Assured quality no cost EMI and Assembly within 48 hours.

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