Cancellation FAQs

Self-cancellation can be done via the account page for unfulfilled orders only and its refund will be automatically reflected in 4-7 days from the cancellation date.

For more details and queries related to this, you can refer list of answers here:
Cancellation and Refund Faqs

Delivery or Shipping FAQs

Usually, after order is placed.
Its shipment tracking details are sent automatically to customer within 48hrs over email, sms and WhatsApp.
Using that link, you can ensure where your package has reached on the way.

For more queries related to your order delivery, you can go through this simplified answers given over here:

Payment or Refund FAQs

What to do if my order refund is not yet received?
Such incidents are rare as they may happen due to technical issues on the payment system or your refund approval might be pending from the customer service team. In such cases, we advise you to connect to our WhatsApp support: contact page.

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Returns or Replacement FAQs

In exceptional cases, when a return is approved for pickup, if a pickup person denies pick up even if you have a ready package with a proper return challan copy and well-packed goods, then in such cases, we insist you please contact us via WhatsApp to get quick help in normal work hours.

For more queries related to returns or replacements, you can refer this list of answers here:

Warranty FAQs

Warranty Terms for following categories is given here:
1. Office chairs warranty.
2. Gaming chairs warranty.

Services or Setup FAQs

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Support scope FAQs

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Partners or Affiliate FAQs

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Marketplace or Etailers FAQs

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Career or Jobs FAQs

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Social or Collaboration FAQs

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Bulk Orders FAQs

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Warranty Extension

For Exception cases, Limited period warranty extension is provided based on original warranty terms given on these link:

1. Office chairs warranty.
2. Gaming chairs warranty.