It feels really nice to share below feedbacks of some of the lovely customers like you, who took the time out from their busy schedules to delight someone’s day at our end.

Let’s scroll in Descending order of dates:

  1. This feedback, we received when were trying to understand whether our designed product delivered expected results or not , in turn we got a valuable product modification feedback over which our product team already started working:



2. This email we received, when we were verifying a repeat buyer about their product experience, as they were already happy with our service. we got a clean one line feedback which validated our efforts in product quality area:



3. This feedback email, we received when were verifying whether our replacement reached our little unhappy customer in proper condition and in turn we got a lovely response which relaxed us a little about this particular order.



4. This feedback  we received when we were actually asking whether this new product is delivering its value in expected way and in turn it given us a motivation to continue our efforts in delighting many more customers like this.



So far, we are grateful to receive these many mails As monthly motivation pack for our team.