Cellbell a brand for furniture and fixture and it represents the style to suit every personality. They offer us wide varieties of Chairs and suitable for every individual to make us feel comfortable and be at ease either at working place or at leisure place.

While designing these chairs they consider every parameter to suit each personality and its uses. They have gaming chairs which are used in pubs or at entertainment place. Their gaming chairs are very cosy and easy to adjust in reclining position. Their armrest can be adjusted as per your requirement. There chairs helps us to enjoy our game and are customized in different design and style. While designing these chairs every aspect is taken into consideration like extra headset pillow and a lumbar cushion for lower back is provided to support our health.There chairs rolls out at 360 degree with calmness and a smooth rolling 60R castor wheels which makes it easy to control our body balance. Cellbell Chairs never compromise on the quality, there wheels are solid caster to support your body balance.

Their cushions are mobile and supporting the lumbar position and protect our spine. Their arm-rest is strong and adjustable. Their quality for leather is excellent PU leather upholstery on top, PVC material on both sides and bottom, and a perfect match with nylon base and superior quality overall and reliable.

Cellbell Chairs makes your life ease as their quality is far superior to give you that comfortable feel and they are Ergonomic design with 360 degree rolls and recline with 90 to 180 degree. When comes to quality and brand, choose right type of chairs which represent you and your company from Cellbell.

For getting the perfect fit chairs that enhance your personality and brand, please contact us

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